CMS „Upelis“


Ver 1.6.4 - latest for

Ver 1.4.1 - rewrite to Python 2.7

Python CMS combined and programmed for Nerijaus Terebas. This is a very simple CMS, that allows to create a website in Google App Engine hosting.


  • online edit
  • multilanguage
  • mailform,
  • comments,
  • media storage,
  • simple CAPTCHA & check  DNSBL.
  • image gallery,
  • memberlist,
  • content fast download,
  • log info,
  • user page (user coments page, user Picasa page,user Youtube page, user MailForm ) ,
  • generate and online edit 'sitemap.xml' ad RSS,
  • Facebook user list and info,
  • Dynamic button generator. 
  • <new> Page commentig width soc. networks connections
  • <new> Page put to FB wall
  • <new> LinkedIn user list
  • <new> VKontakte user list

Additional features:

  • File list from Google Drive(Docs)
  • <new> MS LiveConect user list
  • <new> GitHub user list

Internal system links



Home page edit

/upelis-menu-en.html?mode=edit menu edit


After upload CMS Upelis you receive a message, that page does not exist,so enter the address  and log on the administrator level.

and go    editing the main database table  - download the current test version.

Example (


Put to Facebook Wall

Commenting is turned on with a social networks logins: Google FaceBook LinkedIn VKontakte

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